The Statutes of the Association (Excerpts)

The Petroleum Club of Romania was established as a Romanian non-governmental, apolitical and not-for-profit legal entity subject to the applicable Romanian law with a view to stimulate and support investments and projects in the energy sector in Romania.

Therefore, the Petroleum Club has organized meetings, seminars, conferences about the oil & gas industry in Romania, and drafted legal and economic reports about the sector in the country. The Association has acted to protect and promote the members’ interests in the Romanian energy sector, and established relationships with other relevant associations and entities from Romania and abroad.

The General Meeting of Members, the Managing Board and the Auditor are the statutory parts of the Association. The managing body of the Association is the Managing Board consisting of 7 members. They are appointed by the simple majority of the members of the Association, for a period of two years, with the possibility of extending their mandate. During its first meeting, the new Managing Board elects a President and a Vice President by the simple majority of its members.

Members’ rights include

(1) to take part in the General Assemblies, to express their opinions freely regarding the documents subjected for debate, to exercise their options by free, direct, equal, open or secret vote. The voting right and the right to freely express their opinions within an organized framework are guaranteed. 

(2) to elect other members and to be elected in the Association’s management bodies, and to take part in the works of the elected bodies which they are part of

(3) to be informed in due time about any actions initiated by the Association and/or about the decisions adopted by the management bodies

(4) to take part in all events organized by the Association following the rules and regulations established by the organizers

(5) to request information about the Association’s financial status once per year

(6) to recommend other companies for membership in the Association

Members’ obligations include

(1) to observe the Statutes, the internal regulations, instructions, implementing rules and any other documents issued by the management bodies, under the law and statutes 

(2) to take part in the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assemblies in order to ensure the quorum and express their position in all issues of interest for the Association

(3) to communicate, cooperate and contribute through active involvement in the activities and actions initiated for the achievement of the Association’s goals and statutory objectives 

(4) to support the Association’s actions taken in accordance with the provisions of the law and of the statutes 

(5) to support the President’s and Board’s endeavours to cooperate with similar national and international organizations active in the field of energy

(6) to defend the Association’s reputation, to promote its goals and objectives

(7) to contribute to the Association’s income by paying the annual fee on time, as well as other contributions approved by the General Assembly or by the Management Board

(8) to inform the Association of the changes occurring in relation to its legal form liable to affect its membership in the organization 

(9) to observe the professional ethics rules in its economic activity and trade, business or employer-related relations with the other members. 


The Statutes of the Association are available in full to its members.

 For supplementary information, including membership classes, feel free to contact us.