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The Petroleum Club of Romania (PCoR) is non-governmental, apolitical and non-profit association established in 2001 to protect and promote the interests of the oil & gas industry in Romania.

The Club provides an ideal forum for those working in the oil, gas and energy industry who wish to cultivate and foster relationships with their colleagues at the highest levels. It also allows people in our industry to explore new opportunities as well as to provide a conduit for dialogue with authorized Romanian and international entities.


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Latest Events

Annual General Assembly of Members 2024

The Annual General Assembly of Members of the Petroleum Club of Romania is scheduled to take place in Bucharest, at Caro Hotel, Eminescu Hall, on Wednesday, 27 March 2024, at 3PM. All documents subject to vote will be made available online and in print to all participants. During the meeting a new Managing Board will be elected for the 2024 – 2026 period. We would like to remind members that their presence is compulsory as official decisions cannot be made without a quorum.

Monthly Networking

The Petroleum Club of Romania is glad to resume in 2024 its regular meetings for its members and friends in the welcoming location of the Caro Hotel in Bucharest. We will again enjoy the warm hospitality of the “1000 Chipuri” wine bar in the hotel on Wednesday, February 28, at 6 p.m.

New Year’s Party

Petroleum Club members and special guests* are invited to our first event in 2024 to welcome in the New Year with renewed energy and joy. Participants at the New Year’s Party will include executives of the oil, gas, and energy industry in Romania, but also representatives of academia, financial, consulting, and legal specialists among others. The gathering will be a good opportunity to discuss business, the future of the energy industry in Romania, and plans of our organization for 2024 in an elegant environment. (*by invitation only)


The Club stands for

● The platform for the exchange of new ideas that benefit the oil & gas industry as a whole

● A facilitator of oil industry companies interaction by providing information and opportunities to develop business relationship at all levels

● A provider of legislative and commercial issues

The social meeting ground for major players in the energy industry

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Social gatherings, Christmas Party, seminars, outings, other events

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National and international energy conferences and fairs

Voice of the industry

Points of view on pressing issues of the energy industry communicated online and in the media

International fairs

Exclusive delegations of businessmen active in Romania to international conferences and exhibitions


Members are listed on the Petroleum Club website and announced on social media channels

Managing Board

Karl Leidenfrost


Mr. Karl Leidenfrost is the CEO of HABAU Romania

Andrew Costin


Former Petroleum Club Association President

Petru Rușeț

Member of the Board


Ciprian Oargă

Member of the Board

Country Manager Romania, SLB

Horia Enciu

Member of the Board

President of the Board, UPRUC-CTR

Costel Lungu

Member of the Board

 CEO, Kraftanlagen Romania

Lavinia Iancu

Member of the Board

CEO, Industry Media Vector

Costin Neagu


He has been working for the Association since 2004.

Roxana Gureanu


CFO, Habau Romania

The Petroleum Club of Romania

The social meeting ground in the energy industry


Head Office

Ploieşti, 6 Elena Doamna Street, B Section, postal code
100002, Prahova County, Romania

Phone: +40 (0)723-624468

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