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Hosted by ROMPETROL in conjunction with Schlumberger,
With the support of the Petroleum Club of Romania

The Pannonian Basin Workshop took place in Bucharest, at Rompetrol Headquarters, the day before the Eastern & Central Europe Scout Meeting, on Thursday, April 21st, 2005.

The event brought together key technical experts from oil companies, contractors and research institutions to discuss and explore if specialists in the oil industry can interact and learn more about the Pannonian Basin petroleum habitat. The workshop was aimed at people whose principle interest falls into any of the following categories: Geology; Geophysics; Reservoir Geology & Engineering; Production Engineering; Petrophysics; Earth Science Researcher.

The event proved to be an informal exchange of hard copy and/or electronic exploration and production information between companies acting in the area with a view to eventually result in a trouble shooting and problem-solving gathering.

The Workshop was in fact a limited attendance meeting, which provided an informal interchange of technical information and ideas from a range of disciplines including tectonics, geology, geochemistry, seismics, reservoir geology or engineering, petrophysics etc. All participants met to share their experience, to promote improved understanding of the Pannonian Basin petroleum issues. No formal presentations were sought after but interactive group discussions, and multi-disciplinary team approaches.


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