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June 20th

First Session: Passive Protection of Pipelines and Tanks

   Andrew Costin, Petroleum Club President
   Welcome Address

Roland Friedla, Area Sales Manager Mannesmann-Fuchs Röhr
Polyethylene Coating of Steel Pipes
Klaus Erb, Kebulin
New Techniques in Passive Corrosion Protection
Mariana Salcu, Head of Materials Department, I.C.P.T. Campina
Improvement of Materials and Corrosion Situation in Romania’s Oil Production
Laurent Fabry, Services Manager Europe/Africa/Middle-EastT.D. Williamson
Bridging Pipeline Assessment to Pipeline Rehabilitation

Moderator: Andrew Costin, Petroleum Club President

Second Session: Cathodic Protection of Pipelines and Tanks (Part 1)

Vera Ucakar, Head of Inspection Petrom Refining
OMV Refining Strategy for Tank Inspection & Internal Coatings
Gavin BOWERS, Technical Service Manager Belzona Polymerics
Theoretical and Practical Considerations for Coatings and Structural Adhesives
Maroš Meliš, Miroslav Groško, Corrosion protection Centre Slovenský plynárenský priemysel
Introduction of Impress Current Systems on Distribution Pipelines in Villages and Towns – SPP Experience
Liviu Ancas, Head of L.D.C. Laboratory S.C.P.T.G.N. TRANSGAZ
A Mitigation Device of Stray Currents in Underground High Pressure Pipes

Moderator: Bogdan Rosu, Petrostar

Second Session: Cathodic Protection of Pipelines and Tanks (Part 2)

Cristian Calin, Head of Corrosion Protection Depart. E.ON Gaz Romania
Different Requirements to Corrosion Protection for Gas Distribution Grids in Eastern and Western European Countries
Alfons Halbherr, Head of Cathodic Protection Construction and Maintenance Department E.ON Ruhrgas
Construction of CP-Stations
Ioan Tudor, Head of T.C.U.P. Department, Oil & Gas University Ploiesti
Corrosion in formation water with carbon dioxide
Bogdan Rosu, Petrostar
Methods of Above Ground Survey for the Coating of the Buried Pipelines – DCVG and CIPS

Moderator: Bogdan Rosu, Petrostar

Round table: The Active Protection of Pipelines and Tanks

Detlef Wessling, E.ON Ruhrgas
Liviu Ancas, TRANSGAZ

June 21st

Third session: Cathodic Protection Design of Pipelines and Tanks (Part 1)

Hilmar Jansen, Centre of Competence – Cathodic Protection E.ON Ruhrgas
Considerations Regarding Design and Tendering for Cathodic Protection of Buried Pipelines
Ioan Roman, Lazar Prodexim & Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Romanian Academy
The Influence of the Chemical Composition and of the Current Density upon the Specific Consumption of Fe-Si Anodes Used in Cathodic Protection
Wolfgang Havlik, Team Leader Materials & Corrosion Laboratory OMV Exploration & Production
Corrosion Prevention - The Basis for Success in the Production of Wet Natural Gas

Moderator: Horia Enciu, INDUSTRIAL MD TRADING

Third session: Cathodic Protection Design of Pipelines and Tanks (Part 2)

Vasile Timur Chis, Regional Director Conpet
Corrosion Protection of Oil Pipelines
George Vermesan, Professor Cluj-Napoca Technical University
Economic Aspects of Corrosion
Róbert Repčík, Pipeline Systems Corrosion Protection Department SPP a.s., Slovak Gas Industry
Concrete Casings on Fourth Line of Transit Pipeline

Moderator: Horia Enciu, INDUSTRIAL MD TRADING

Round table: The Passive Protection of Pipelines and Tanks

Wolfgang Havlik, OMV
Cristian Calin, E.ON Gaz Romania



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