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Petroleum Club of Romania - Moment of Survey
The Petroleum Club- General Assembly

On March 18th, in the generous frame offered by the "House of Oil Engineers" from Bucharest, the General Assembly of the Petroleum Club members took place, an event attended by: Andrew Costin, Price Waterhouse Coopers, president on the commission of the Petroleum Club, Niculae Napoleon Antonescu, rector of the Oil and Gas University from Ploiesti, Joel Maes, SHELL Romania, Andreas Grossmann, ROMPETROL WELL SERVICES, members of the Managing Board, Wayne Garret, 3M ROMANIA, founder member, Mihaela Dragan, Dragan si Asociatii, Maria Hant, PETROCONSULT, Constantin Avram, AEROQ, Ion Peleanu, ALCONEX, Flaviu Pop, ATLAS GIP, Vitalian Danciu, DOSCO PETRO SERVICES ROMANIA, Alexandru Badescu, ENERIA, Marius Ghica, ERNST&YOUNG, Lyubomir Tsvetanov, GAZEXIM, Gheorghe Tucu, HONEYWELL Romania, Horia Enciu, INDUSTRIAL MD, Nicolae Vidu, PALADIN EXPRO LIMITED, Philip Stephenson, ROMPETROL, Traian Rabagia, Schlumberger Logelco Inc.

The discussions set off the activity of the club, started in November 2001, which was oriented both to the events organization dedicated to the themes proposed by the Managing Board - National Energy Policy (March 2002), Are There Real Hydrocarbons in Romania? (October 2002) and the marking of some special events as: Canada Serving the Oil and Gas Industries (February 2003), organized together with the Commercial Section of the Canadian Embassy at Bucharest or the Christmas Party (December 2002).
It was emphasized the necessity of growing the members' number of the association; this means attracting within the club some personalities from other areas of the oil and gas industry from Romania, who unfold the activity in companies with Romanian or foreign capital. These are the drilling companies or those, which leased perimeters in regard of exploration for identifying new sources of hydrocarbons.

Another problem, which was amply debated, was the orientation of the club's next activity: taking in consideration, mainly, the specific professional members' activities or keeping the social characteristic of the events. This means creating assembly possibilities for those, whose time doesn't allow to meet normally, but who can identify from the current activity the common interests, including with representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Resources and of other Governmental or international institutions.

It was settled all members to participate in establishing the general orientation regarding the mission and vision of this organization. All in evidence agreed that only in this manner, it would be possible to attract new members and to reach that level, where the Petroleum Club will have a word in the matter of profile economic community in Romania.

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