IT’s About Integration

On October 6th and 7th “IT’s Efficiency Consultanta”, “IT Service Management Forum” (itSMF) and Romtelecom, with the support of the “Petroleum Club of Romania” and “Cellphone Group”, jointly organized the seminar entitled “IT’s About Integration” at the “Athenee Palace Hilton” Bucharest. The main objectives of this event were to discuss the actual problems concerning the information and communication technology and to present new IT solutions for various domains of activity. The interest of the Romanian business community regarding the IT seminar was manifest, as the majority of those who were present were managers and senior representatives of the most important companies from IT industry and the direct beneficiaries of this field.

During the two days, the seminar, held at “The Regina Maria Hall”, got the attention of IT specialists and businessmen interested in the development of IT&C programs and solutions. The originality of the event consisted also in the combined seminar sessions with the open interaction between speakers and participants. The solutions presented were ample and covered the majority of the issues related to the technological support available at this time for business.

IT integration in business has become a crucial matter in Romania. Any business relies on the ability to collect and store data, extract, distribute and use the organized information. That is happening today within the developed economies, and slowly, but certainly, in the South - Eastern European countries. This integration does not refer only to hardware and software products, IT and business, or IT and communication, but also to the connection with the entire world. That was the message addressed to the Romanian business community by the invited speakers: Bas Gerritse, “IT’s Eficiency” Director, Bogdan Popescu, the President of the “Petroleum Club of Romania”, Carl Vansteelandt, Managing Director ”Illicom”, Victor Voicu, Sales Manager “Romtelecom”, Adrian Stoian, System Engineer “Microsoft”, Nigel Sinclair, Marketing Director, “EMEA”, Josef Wagner, Senior Business Consultant “KANA Software”, Tim Wilems, President and Founder of “BWise”, Isabella Berghoffer, Field Manager “Royality Jobs”.

“IT is present everywhere in the petroleum business”

At the beginning of his speech, “IT and the Petroleum Industry”, Bogdan Popescu, the President of the Petroleum Club, insisted on the important role this association assumed in promoting the information technology in the petroleum industry. ”Petroleum Club is the place where the Romanian petroleum industry meets. I am not referring only to the producers and petroleum seekers, but also to those involved in refining, in delivering petroleum products, those who have storage capacity, handle legal problems, administration, insurance, consulting, absolutely all the petroleum sectors and those closely connected with it, in one word, all those who are in this industry. We are a club, an informal and nonprofit association and our primary aim is to promote business, networking and a lobbying activity which can improve the petroleum business medium in our country” said Bogdan Popescu.
The IT impact on oil industry is a huge one, this industry having been the biggest IT user second only to other two important ones, the defense and aeronautic industries. The data volume processed in the petroleum industry is immense. On the one hand, the technology always changes and the companies have to keep up with it, and on the other hand the conditions in which we make explorations are more and more difficult. “When we have operations in an oil well at 2000 meters water-depth, we can use only electronic solutions. We cannot send a diver at the end of the well to work under that pressure. We use robots, see everything on a screen, use solutions provided by IT.
IT is present everywhere in the petroleum business. When I started to work in this field, many years ago, I used colored pencils, glue, scissors, to reconstruct certain images, and now we work with electronic pens” concluded the President of the Petroleum Club.

IT and the Petroleum Industry    



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